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TOMY Thomas and Friends is trainlover476's Thomas series.


Season 1Edit

  • Prolouge, the begining of the show
  • April Fools ,james and gordon keep pranking they friends
  • The Secret Tender Club, percy not allowed in the shed
  • Edward's Big Mess-Up (movie only),edward loses to scruffy and help the engines on the brige
  • Tricked or Treat,percy and thomas try to scare everyone
  • Percy on the Run,percy runs away after running over someone car

Season 2Edit

  • A Shade of Orange,james gets his new voice and falls in love with molly
  • Christmas (movie only),it chrismas and santa coming but thomas gets stuck and gets by scary yeti
  • Knock-Out Thomas,thomas needs to brave because his bully coming
  • Thomas in Love,thomas falls in love with rosie
  • Jibblies IV,first halloween video
  • Whack a Mole-ron,big mikey gets a new game whack a mole ron
  • YouTube Parents,thomas and his friends hate your coments
  • Donut unto others.henry and toby make they very own doughnut stalls
  • I Was a Teenage resident Evil moron,the second halloween video


  • Gameshow Carnival: Friends Fornever,henry and percy do a gameshow called friends fornever
  • Business Trip,james and henry go on a business trip

Season 3Edit

  • 150th video-verrsary,henry in the shed while watching a fire on the track meanwhile thomas a funny clipshow
  • Gameshow Carnival 2,thomas and his friends have to stay on the roof of the shed but things go wrong
  • Henry & the Brain Eating-Metaor,henry finds a man eating brain
  • The Future of Tomy Thomas And Friends,thomas and his friends go to the future


  • Donut Unto Others,another dount unto others features gordon as chef and james as his health instecter
  • 149.5,henry gets goofy
  • 150th video-verrsery,short only
  • Gameshow Carnival 2: Roof-top Srtanded, toby comes with an idea
  • Trimag x TOMY Thomas and Friends Crossover,movie only
  • Edward's big Mess up,movie only
  • Christmas,movie only
  • TOMY T&F crossover,movie only


  • trainlover476: Thomas, Percy, Henry, Bill, Ben, Skarloey, Freddie, Rocky, Scruffey, Oliver, Toad, Duck, Harvey, Arthur, Neville, Murdoch, Annie, Clarabel, Elizabeth, Isabella, Jack, Alfie, Snow Monster, Troublesome Trucks, Sir Topham Hatt, Mr. Postmanson, James's Shoulder Angel, and Narrator
  • missoliverandblossom: Gordon, Santa Claus, Thomas's Driver, Mighty, Mac, and Big Mikey
  • Willliam101525: James
  • FlameAmigo619: Donald, Douglas, Salty, and Duncan
  • Trainboy7: Toby, Max, and Monty
  • Trainmaster844: Spongebob Reporter and Sir Handel
  • Skullzprouctions: Dennis
  • GTP82: Rusty
  • SteamTeamRedubUK: Edward
  • Emilyfan619: Emily
  • deadexecs: Molly, Rosie, Molly's Shoulder Angel, and Molly's Shoulder Devil
  • RustyFanGirlForever: Mavis


  • TOMY T&F The Awesome Cilched (missoliver&blossom & Trainlover476 only)

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